“This isn’t just about law students . . .
. . . This is a great opportunity for lawyers to be involved too!”

The L. Kerry Vickar Business Law Clinic enjoys the generous commitment of time and resources made by volunteer lawyers.

The Business Law Clinic provides a unique and exciting opportunity for new or experienced lawyers to become involved with law student training, networking, mentorship, and collaboration by meaningfully supporting student pro bono services for those that do not have a lawyer and can not afford legal assistance.

Practicing lawyers can contribute to the Business Law Clinic in a variety of ways:

The Clinic – Business lawyers in private practice or in-house legal departments can volunteer as Supervising Lawyers and Business Law Mentors to support students work with the Clinic, based on the number of intakes received and the availability of each lawyer.

Legal Education, Resources, and Clinic Events – The Business Law Clinic encourages dialogue with businesses, non-profits, arts, cultural, and other organizations that do not have a lawyer and cannot afford legal assistance on business law matters. The Clinic may engage with clients through workshops, webinars, forums and conferences. Lawyers can support the Business Law Clinic’s activities by providing speakers for parties that request educational support on business law subjects.

Lawyer Referral List – Lawyers with expertise in a particular area of law may be added to the Business Law Clinic’s lawyer referral list, which is provided to clients who have legal matters that are too complex to be addressed through the Clinic. Additions to the referral list are at the discretion of the Business Law Clinic instructor and Dean of the Faculty of Law.

If you are a Manitoba practising lawyer in private practice or in an in-house legal department interested in volunteering and giving back to help Manitobans’ succeed and contribute to advancing the education of law students we have a lot in common and would like to talk to you.

If you would like to help us, here is the volunteer lawyers intake form.