About Us

L. Kerry Vickar Business Law Clinic is operated by the Faculty of Law at The University of Manitoba.

Named for its benefactor, alumnus L. Kerry Vickar [LLB/80], the Clinic has offered numerous Manitoba law students the chance to get hands-on, practical experience in business law since 2014. Information and services are provided by third-year law students free of charge to small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators including family businesses, non-profits, charities, the arts, cultural and community organizations who do not have a lawyer and cannot afford legal assistance in Manitoba.

The goal of the Clinic is to expose students to the practical aspects of corporate and commercial law carried out with professional responsibility and sense of public obligation. Students will provide information, advise, choose and form business entities, draft legal documents, and conduct legal research, regulatory compliance, good governance, stakeholder activism, and social responsibility.

The Business Law Clinic works in collaboration with the Stu Clark Centre of Entrepreneurship at the Asper School of Business, as well as the North Forge Technology Exchange and other organizations.

The Faculty of Law, at the University of Manitoba, is one of the oldest law schools in Western Canada. As Manitoba’s law school, students are offered an exceptional legal education and experience dynamic and innovative experiential and classroom learning, and receive the highest training in the skills of critical and analytical thinking, advocacy, and legal research.

Students study with accomplished professors whose works are widely published in leading journals, boasting national and international standing, with research clusters focusing on various areas of law. Along with endowed research Chairs devoted to Private Enterprise as well as International Business and Trade law, our award-winning professors engage in tri-council-supported research aimed at finding solutions to real problems faced by Canadians today.

The Faculty of Law focuses attention on the legal challenges facing society and the modern legal profession, educating leaders who promote social justice and progress through economy and human rights, with emphasis on training members of the legal profession who will serve the public good.

Values of the Faculty of Law emphasize:

  • Excellence
  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability